Optical components are often embedded in products, allowing images to be captured or dynamic movements around the product to be sensed or monitored.

Micro-fabrication Optics

Micro-fabricated optics / micro optics is the field of optics dealing with particularly small optical components. The small physical dimensions have various implications concerning fabrication techniques, usable optical materials, relevant physical effects, performance limitations and the practical handling.

Refractive Optics

Refractive optics are classical focus lens with curved shapes that focus light to a bright spot at a certain distance. In Moveon, miniaturized refractive optics are fabricated and mass-produced using polymeric materials via micro-molding.

Fresnel Lens

Fresnel lens consists of a series of concentric grooves and are most often used in light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups.

Lens Arrays

Lens Arrays are used in many photonics based devices for various applications. Micro lens array (MLA) consists of an array of micron-scale lenses arranged and packed together. They are often injection molded and casted through replication process.

Spherical Lens

Spherical lenses are lenses having the shape of a sphere for on its surfaces. They are often used to focus, form images, and to collimate or expand light.

Aspherical Lens

Aspherical lenses are lenses having surface profiles that are not portions of a sphere such as elliptical, parabolic, hyperbolic, quadric, and toric lens.

Freeform Lens

Freeform lens is one of the modern optical technologies. With in-house diamond-turning capability, we now have the ability to manufacture lens designs that were inconceivable a decade ago.


Microfluidics has emerged as a distinct new field. It is the manipulation of fluids in channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers. The application of micro-fluidics goes beyond imaginations; from medical diagnostics, drug delivery, biological analysis to optics and information technology.


Nano-fabricated Optics / Nano-optics is a valuably novel class of technology that takes advantage of light’s unique interaction with subwavelength, nano-scale patterned materials, and nanotechnology-enabled fabrication methods to create a broadly applicable optical device.

Diffractive Optics

Diffractive Optics / Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs), are phase relief elements that uses micro-structures to alter the phase of the light propagated through them, and thus manipulate it in various ways to create shapes and light patterns that are either impossible to achieve in different methods using refractive optics, or require very complex, bulky and expensive optical components and / or systems.


Diffraction gratings are thus widely used as dispersive elements in spectrographic instruments. They can also be used as beam splitters or beam combiners in various laser devices or interferometers. Other applications include acousto-optic modulators or scanners.

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