Optical Design

With a team of experienced optical engineers onboard, we are able to deploy extensive design functions. To ensure the precision and feasibility of our designs, we use cutting-edge simulation software like TracePro, OSLO, Zemax, Code-5, LightTools and Virtual Labs.

Refractive Optics Design

Moveon employs software like TracePro, OSLO, Zemax and Code 5 to design different types of refractive lenses and optical systems. We can tackle a wide range of challenges through the effective usage of software tools – from raytracing, finite element analysis, and enhancement of optical performance to simulating manufacturing tolerances and assembly procedures.

Diffractive Optics Design

Moveon offers tailor-made design, development and commercialization of Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) for diversified fields of optics and lasers. Moveon has also established full-fledge design and fabrication technologies that provide customers a one-stop-shop solution for diffractive optics. Our array of products and services in DOE ranges from development to large-scale complex bilateral joint DOE projects.

Optical Module Design

Frequently, Moveon is enquired to create optical designs for integrated module that combine illumination and imaging optics working together as a system. With expertise in both areas, Moveon’s designers effectively model the entire module and achieve overall system level performance. This integrated optical module design capability is critical in projection, structured light, and near-to-eye displays, machine vision systems, biometric systems, interactive and gesture recognition displays, and a wide variety of instrumentation projects.

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