Volume Production

Moveon Technologies acts as a one-stop shop for optics engineering and fabrication. Beyond the development phase comprising design and
prototyping, Moveon is capable of moving quickly into mass production once the design is approved. This is made possible by our ability to build multicavity tools and optical inserts within the facilities we owned.

Our optical components are mass produced in state-of-the-art facilities, using advanced equipment and proprietary processes. Our strength lies in sustaining product integrity even in large-scale productions.

Multi-Cavity Process

Multi-cavity processing techniques are essential for high volume mass productions. It has more than one cavity of the same part, and it produces more than one part per production cycle. Because of the shorter lead time per batch, using a multi-cavity mold results in a faster completion of the desired number of parts. This increases productivity and produces a better yield rate for higher volume runs.

Moveon has over 10 years of experience in multi-cavity injection molding and replication processes. Our custom multi-cavity engineering experts are ready to help customized mass production solution for your application needs.

Wafer Level Optics

Moveon’s in-house wafer-level optics (WLO) facilities offer mass production solutions for micro- & nano- optics. Our state-of-the-art WLO equipment gives us the largest volume capacity for custom precision optics in Singapore. Through this nanofabrication process, Moveon has the capacity and capability to produce over one million high-quality custom precision optics per month. Our ability to provide in-house custom “Masters” and Stamp Fabrications reduce lead-time for mass production set-ups and optimizes our production rate.

Module Assembly

Moveon supports not only manufacturing of optical components but also assembly of multiple sub-components in modules at a system level. Proprietary in-house assembly facilities such microdispensers and active aligning equipment are deployed for high volume module assembly. Functional testers are also codeveloped with our customers to check and validate the product specifications and applications.

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