Product Prototyping

Moveon possesses extensive prototyping facilities that allow us to create multiple samples and to hold several test runs. While this is a tedious process that requires many iterations and continuous collaboration, we ensure prompt completion in every project. We understand the time-sensitive nature of our clients’ businesses and so we strive to achieve quick turn-around.

Tool & Master Fabrication

Moveon establishes a full-fledge tool shop that includes CNC milling, EDM, wirecut, lapping, superdrill, 3- & 5-axis diamond-turning lathes and nickel forming capabilities. The incorporation these facilities with our nanofabrication technologies such as Direct Laser Writing (DWL) or 2- Photon Polymerization (2PP) also enables the manufacturing of “masters”. Surface accuracy and radii are certified to customer specifications using a laser interferometric measuring system, profilometer, or other measuring system depending on the optic configuration to ensure that it meets requirements of the application.

Lens Fabrication

Moveon deploys extensive lens prototyping capabilities using different types of polymeric materials including PMMA, PC, COP, COC, epoxy and acrylics. We select the best processing technique from injection molding, micro-molding, replication, direct laser writing, 2-photon polymerization or a combination thereof to produce the required specifications. Tight tolerance, reflow compatibility, low surface finishing or miniature scale – we use best practices developed from decades-long experience to achieve timely and efficient production of custom lenses.

Functional Coating

With in-house Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating technologies, Moveon is able to offer an extensive range of thin film coatings – antireflective, broad-band AR, short and long wavepass filters, optical beam splitter, polarizers and high reflectors, both dielectric and enhanced metallic coatings. We use TFCalc™ software to design and characterize coatings. Multiple optimization techniques ensure the coatings meet specifications. In-house metrology lab enables us to analyze coating sensitivity, production yields, total coating thickness, and the reliability of the post-coat.

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